Rendering Installations with a Personal and Local touch.


Rendering,from pattern crete is a modern, advanced lightweight,render,that has been specifically designed to recreate the natural products used in traditional methods of walling and construction.

It can be used internally or externally, and applied to almost any clean, debris-free surface: wood concrete drywall ceramic fiberglass linoleum glass... the list goes on.

But the real beauty of  is the vast range of effects that can be created by pattern crete experienced in working with this unique and exciting material.

With the intelligent use of a wide variety of pigments the creative application of a design stamper and a little judicious hand carving, Wallcrete can be made to look like practically any surface - natural stone brick exotic rock slate granite sandstone - in almost any style from the rough and rustic  to the slick and modern.

The effects are utterly realistic Just look at our printed wall gallery.

Typical Applications For Printed Render

  •  Internal and External Walls
  •  External Cladding for Houses
  •  Boundary Walls
  •  Garden Sheds and Outbuildings
  •  Garden Walls 
  •  Fireplace Surrounds Coping Stones, Lintels
  •  Cornerstones and Archways
  •  Even Fish Ponds and Dog Kennels!!

Although the skills required are a blend of those used ,imprinting concrete,rendering and plastering walls the preparation for and process of installation have very specific stages in order to achieve a good job it is absolutely essential that the installers have a complete understanding of the procedures  including the application of the render itself and the surface it is to be applied to plus the,imprinting, and colouring processes and the special touches that will add a unique touch to each and every job.

As can be seen from our Project Gallery when the final touches have been added WALLCRETE render produces spectacular results.

we hold provide our clients with all the knowledge required to produce top quality projects time after time.